Link ONE Mentoring

Link ONE Mentoring impacts the lives of students all across Duncan Public Schools as our mentors make weekly visits to the school to meet with students.  Mentors are able to not only provide positive role models, but they encourage and lift up students, improving their self-esteem and often their academic outcomes.

  If you are interested in becoming a mentor please visit our “Volunteer” page to access an application, or phone us at 580-467-8133


Spokes for Hope 2017 

Results and “Unexpected Outcomes”

Spokes for Hope 2017 was more successful than our wildest dreams.  Beginning with a grant from Sarkeys Foundation, and gathering generous support from our community, we were able to fund, prepare and serve 3,790 meals using our original door-to-door delivery model.  We also continued our partnership with Oklahoma Regional Food Bank to provide about 1,250 meals at 4 sites.

Often in non-profit work we focus on meeting one need, but learn that in doing so, we actually accomplish something different or meet an additional need.  In our 5th year of Spokes for Hope service to our community, we had the opportunity to see a couple of students who have been served by our program for several years become volunteers themselves!  It seems the young volunteers who have served with their local church team to prep and deliver meals have set a wonderful example of service for those receiving the meals.  These young men wanted to serve, and we found a way to make it happen!