About this fundraiser

This fundraiser consists of 200 different "lightbulbs", each with a number from 1-200, which indicates the minimum donation necessary to "light" each bulb. The successful completion of this fundraiser will support Link ONE Mentoring for another school year.

Which bulb would you like to light up?

You may fill out the form below to make a donation by credit card, or scroll down to the bottom of this page (or click here) to learn about paying by check instead.

Is there any reason you'd like to share that you picked the bulb you did?

No refunds. Unless you specify otherwise your name and story will be publicly visible. Your contact information will not be given away, and your address is required so that we can send you an acknowledgment and required IRS letter at year end.
Questions or problems? Let us know.
One True Light, Inc.
P.O. Box 1883 Duncan, OK 73534
(405) 837-9779

Check payments

Checks can be written out to One True Light, Inc. and mailed to P.O. Box 1883 Duncan, OK 73534.

Please call us at (405) 837-9779 or email us at onetruelight@outlook.com and let us know which bulb you're sending a check for, and we'll get the website updated so that no one else makes a donation for it while your check is on the way. Thank you!